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Families & Chronic Illness

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As the Australian population ages, many older people are living with chronic illnesses for long periods of time. In some cases, as their health deteriorates older people become dependent on younger members of the family for care and assistance. Often those who care are quite young and many are still at school.

Caring someone when you are so young has its problems such as lack of sleep, not being able to attend school regularly and not being able to study. Sometimes it is hard to do all the normal things young people expect to do and sometimes it is hard to find the emotional help and support to keep it all together. Many young people find there are rewards in caring for someone they love and even though it was a draining experience they would not have given up the opportunity.

These 'Speaking from Experience' video clips feature nine young Indigenous people who share their experiences of living with a family member with a chronic illness. It was produced in partnership with the Chronic Illness Alliance and Aboriginal Medical Service of Western Sydney.

Produced Nov 2010 

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