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Living with Autism: Caregivers (Asia)

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Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is an umbrella term used to identify a range of ‘pervasive developmental disorders’. These disorders exist on a spectrum from low autism/high ability to high autism/low ability and are typically characterised by difficulties communicating and being in social situations, repetitive behaviours and interests, and in some cases, cognitive delays.

Quite often, children and adults with ASD present with varied symptoms, depending on a combination of factors, such as personality type, age at diagnosis, and positive or negative influences from the environments in which the person is expected to function.

These 'Speaking from Experience' video clips offer first-hand accounts from seven caregivers who care for people with autism. They discuss the impact the condition has had on their lives, the ways they manage it, and the challenges it brings to everyday life. This program was produced in partnership with the Autism Resource Centre.

Produced 2015 

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