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Getting There

On the way

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In this video clip from the "Getting There - Recovery from Eating Disorders" DVD produced by the Eating Disorders Foundation of Victoria, participants discuss the moment when they realised they were getting better and would eventually become well again. They discuss the setbacks and difficult moments on the road to recovery including relapses, false-starts, binges and "bad days". They emphasise the need to "keep going" and the importance of the support, understanding and reassurance of family, friends, parents, therapists and medical professionals.

To Purchase the "Getting There" DVD contact the Eating Disorders Foundation of Victoria.

© Eating Disorders Foundation of Victoria
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  • Introductions

    Introducing the participants in the Eating Disorders programme.

    Play 1:55 min 3.1 MB

  • Holding On

    A discussion of the personal emotional background to the eating disorder.

    Members Only 6:15 min 12.3 MB

  • Letting Go

    The realisation of a problem with food is the first step on the road to recovery from an eating disorder.

    Play 4:38 min 8.9 MB

  • On the way

    Recovery from an eating disorder begins with the support of friends, family & medical professionals.

    Members Only 6:18 min 12.5 MB

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